Camp by the bay summer camp 2018 offers Rockaway residents a safe, affordable, educational and fun environment for ages 5 to 12. During these eight weeks, parents will expect their children to complete any and all summer packages provided by their educational institutes. Parents can expect their children to be served healthy breakfast lunch and snack. Parents can also expect children to experience activities such as arts and crafts, agriculture 101 where children will learn how to plant individual spices or flowers and virtual sports activities. Parents can expect children to have local trips to parks, movie theater, bowling, etc.

Summer Camp Information for 8 Weeks

Camp Start Date: July 2,2019  Camp End Date: August 24.2019

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Closed on Weekends

Fee information:

Registration Fee Per Child: $65

This Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Trips, Shirts, and Carrying Bag

  • Private Pay: $165 x 8 weeks = $1,320
  • Acceptable Vouchers: $ 25 Co-Pay Per week With Vouchers $25×8 Weeks= $200

Fees can be paid by money order made out to ARVERNE BY THE BAY COMMUNITY CENTER or /cash in person

Here is a sample of our daily schedule

Once an application is submitted we will contact you to RSVP for your sit down with one of our camp advisors.


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Developed from our own experience as parents the Afterschool Tutoring program is created for parents that want more than the daycare atmosphere offered at many of the free programs in the area. The ASP tutoring program is created with four main goals

To act as a liaison between parents & teachers in providing a medium for learning and literacy

A bridge where parents can be assured that HOMEWORK and their child complete class projects during the week by contract. On the weekends the Parent is responsible for the homework being completed

Parents attend focus meeting and curriculum discussions at least 1 every quarter to better understand their child curriculum.

Parents attend our TUTOR evaluation forum every 6 months.

Programs in the Rockaway’s parents are forced after a hard day of work to come home and deal with a full slate of unfinished homework. HOMEWORK HELP and HOMEWORK ASSISTANCE programs don’t equate well with Mayor Deblasio’s test o-matic education system. Thus, unless you are an educator or an advocate parent you are placed by no fault of your own in a position to re-educate your children at home sometimes from scratch on topics that are left undiscussed in the classroom. The ASP tutoring program hopes to provide that much-needed lifeline between the school and the parents in terms of knowledge and resources in hopes of saving the many kids lost in the sea of test preparation


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