We are here to help rebuild our community brick by brick


Arverne By The Bay Community Center has a special mission to enhance the quality of life for New York residents by providing outstanding and holistic programs and services.


We are determined to provide community empowerment through the improvement and introduction of new programs.


All of our services are aimed at improving the well-being and standard of living of the people of New York, that is our mission

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and why we are in business.

Financial Literacy Sessions Lets Rebuild Our Community Together

The key to understanding where you are financialy can be a hard task when you haven’t been taught what really matters. We are here to help and give you guidence with your

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specific needs

Our Causes

Help us reach our fundraising goals for our upcoming projects in the community.

Help us fund our low-income community trade training in HVAC, Construction, Electrical Training
$0.00 donated
Donate For Small Disadvantage Business Development
Help us give local small disadvantage supportive administration service for all basic needs
$0.00 donated
Donate For Financial Literacy Training
Help us tackle financial literacy in the under-serve community with programs such as business and personal credit repair, first-time homebuyers programs and wealth management training.
$0.00 donated

Our Dedicated Volunteers

You can help us with our next event or workshop as a volunteer; plus you know we always need a help hand.

Rose Williams
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Ciara Ruff
Graphics Designer
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Vinnie Jones
Web Developer
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Our Mission

Financial Literacy Programs

Your support help us provide free financial literacy sessions to low income families.

Help The Helpless

We provide holistic programs to low income families through your support.

It Starts With a Seed

Bridging the gap to resources needed in our community is necessary

Love Your Community

Come together as one to support our cause to rebuild your community

Upcoming Events

Power Networking Series Event


Happy Donators


Success Mission


Volunteer Reached


Globalization Work

Become a Volunteer

How you can help us

Just call at (347) 389-3767 to make a donation

Our Gallery

Here are pictures from our recent events and workshops

Welcome To Arverne By The Bay Community Center

Latest News

Whats going on in our community today?

Become a Volunteer and Do Something for Your Community.